It was my pen and paint brush , which I preferred drawing by it although it’s difficult , but it was my innovation. It’s not a thread on the fabric which was knitted by needle as we used to, but thread moves freely on paper with invisible adhesive drops and the use of many primitive tools that I made myself to control it. But even if I lose the control, it sometimes gives me something new. I rely on multiple thicknesses to creat dimensions and control the intensity of the colour once the thread is turned into parts and once it is a part of package. The thread for me is the transition from darkness to light which is the inspiring and saviour way , it is a hope as in the Greek myth (rayan thread) . When the young man survived from the maze by the thread which his lover put it in his pocket and he followed it to the way despite the simplicity of the item but it looks like the beginning of the composition of everything.this technique needs a lot of patience, but through it I can break the base of the impossible with this thread of hope . All facts of existence is always revealed by grabbing the tip of the thread. I wanted to express the thread to redraw attention to many of the feelings that we used to exist it in other drawing methods with loss of sense due to routine or repetition.

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